Friday, February 24, 2012

Popular ICD-10 Search Terms Used to Find My Blog

I started this blog a little over 6 months ago and have seen the number of readers steadily increase over that time. One of the interesting aspects of maintaining a blog (or a website) are the huge number of statistics available to help identify and analyze site visitors.  Over the last 8 weeks I’ve had the following visits:

First Time

To me, a particularly interesting bit of information is the search terms that lead prospects to my blog. Of the 1322 unique visits, 412 came to my blog via a search engine, mostly Google. So if the sheer number of search terms falling into a specific ICD-10 "topical category" is a valid indication of all reader interest in that topic, then the following ICD-10 topics are front and center in the mind of my blog readers:
  1. Dual and Double Coding                             (62 terms - Tied with Neutrality)
  2. Neutrality                                                      (62 terms)
  3. Payer vs. Provider Topics                           (28)
  4. Testing                                                           (23)
  5. General Impact                                            (16)
  6. Miscellaneous/Onesy-Twosey’s              (221)
The following are the actual terms used to lead a reader to my blog:

Note: With the exception of the Miscellaneous category, each category contains all of the actual terms used by visitors using a search engine to find my blog.

Dual and Double Coding                
double coding vs dual coding
dual period for ICD-10
ICD 10 dual use period
ICD-10 code double validation
ICD10 double coding
ICD10 dual coding
ICD10 dual processing vs remediation
plan remediation strategies on ICD-10 dual approach
sample reports of dual coding ICD-10

addressing financial neutrality ICD 10
benefit neutrality ICD 10 test strategy
challenges to maintain ICD 10 neutrality
financial neutrality testing for ICD 10
healthcare operational neutrality
how to achieve benefit neutrality with ICD 10
ICD 10 neutrality testing
ICD10 Benefit neutrality
steps for ICD-10 operational neutrality
what is benefit neutrality in healthcare

Payer vs. Provider
about ICD-10 for payers
business scenarios for healthcare payer
difference between payers and providers
difference between provider and vendor us health care
ICD 10 changes in payer side
ICD 10 payer side impact
ICD-10 impact on payer enterprise
impact of ICD 10 on payers
the difference of ICD-10 impact  on payers and providers

defining testing for ICD-10
how do you test operational neutrality ICD-10
ICD 10 testing for providers
ICD10 need for payers to test with providers
ICD-10 testing questions
ICD-10 testing scenarios
ICD-10 verification
ICD-9 to ICD-10 testing strategy document
providers carry out internal ICD 10 testing
test scenarios for payers for ICD-10

General Impact
financial impact of the ICD-10  on the payer
ICD 10 business impact analysis
ICD 10 delay impact
ICD 10 impact on payers
ICD10 financial impact to provider groups
ICD-10 impact financial
ICD-10 impact to call volumes
ICD10 impact provider questionnaire

Miscellaneous (Just a few select terms)
do you like computerized assisted coding
how will ICD-10 add value to my organization
ICD-10 how will it be beneficial to me
ICD-10 potential payer business opportunities
ICD 10 bored by IT
ICD 10 early entrants
calculating case rate health payer ICD-10
ICD-10 impact on HCC reimbursement
ICD-10 lessons learned
ICD-10 stupid AMA

So I'm not entirely sure of the value of this information other than its indication of popular topics which I should probably spend more time focusing on.

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