Friday, February 17, 2012

Select Information from ICD-10 Summit - Part 1 of 4

The following information (Part 1 of 4) was from a tweet stream emanating from the Edifecs ICD-10 Summit held on February 15 & 16th. Find more information about that event here =>  click here
Results from an ICD Health Insights Survey
1.   Organizations that are further along report more challenges than anticipated. Scenarios and managing high  volume of remediation are hard.
2.   Greatest technology challenges: Enterprise Analytics ranked 1st, followed by legacy system modernization.
3.   IT not as concerned about technology side of #ICD10 getting done as much as business is. For business roles, reverse is true.
4.   Most challenging area: processes and interfaces. Adapting new and revised business processes is ranked highest.
5.   93% said they had budgeted appropriately. IDC questions optimism in that regard.
6.   Budget - no real difference in answers between IT and biz roles. Interesting!
7.   Has your organization budgeted appropriately for ICD-10 testing? 46% say no, 37% say yes, 17% said who knows? 
8.   Confidence in finishing testing by deadline: 41% confident, 36% somewhat confident, 12% doubtful.
9.   94% of respondents stated they are responsible for ICD-10 testing on either tech or biz side.
10. Importance of testing key processes: claims adjudication, app interfaces, provider contracts rank highest.
11. Less than 20% indicated they were less than confident in completing testing on time.
12. Limited ICD-10 external testing activity so far. Fewer than half of respondents have gone beyond initial steps.
13. Managing test data - volumes and standardization of ICD-10 test data rank as highest data challenges.
14. More concern around analyzing test results - ranked higher than producing test data.
15. Most significant challenges to ICD-10 conversion testing: staff resources and coordination w/ trading partners and external entities.
16. Testing is key and analytics are critical for #ICD10 success.

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