Friday, February 17, 2012

Select Information from ICD-10 Summit - Part 4 of 4

The following information (Part 4 of 4) was from a tweet stream emanating from the Edifecs ICD-10 Summit held on February 15 & 16th. Find more information about that event here => click here

Miscellaneous Ideas and Thoughts Shared by Participants

1.   Need to establish best practices for Medical Policy Remediation.
2.   Recommends conveying what's in it for providers. Payers need to show providers a benefit to get them on board.
3.   Recommends developing a crosswalk, crosswalk analytical tool and payer coordination since some won't meet date.
4.   Establishing an enterprise-wide collaboration and using a consistent methodology are key.
5.   Good testing strategy is based on risk analysis of historical claims.
6.   ICD-10 can't be implemented the same way as past projects. Collaboration is critical.

Comments from Payer-Provider Collaboration Panel
1.     ICD-10 delay will cost payers more money. Hard to keep momentum if official delay occurs. 
2.     Key learning need: ICD-10 constructs as important as actual code values - surprising to @Humana 
3.     Need to define how to measure neutrality and whether it's a viable goal.
4.     Noted importance of analytics in modeling DRG shift.
5.     What direction will CMS take with ICD-10 delay? Thinks a straight-out delay will occur.

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