Friday, February 17, 2012

Select Information from ICD-10 Summit - Part 2 of 4

The following information (Part 2 of 4) was from a tweet stream emanating from the Edifecs ICD-10 Summit held on February 15 & 16th. Find more information about that event here =>  click here

Survey About “Neutrality”
  1. If you don't define neutrality, you run the risk of miscommunication.
  2. Defined #1- Maintain the current claims acceptance rate.
  3. Defined #2 - Maintain the number/rate of inquiries.
  4. Defined #3 - Maintain the rate of electronic claims.
  5. Defined #4 - Maintain the claims reimbursement amounts.
  6. 6 Dimensions of Neutrality: Payment, Benefit, Revenue, Clinical, Operational and Financial.
  7. Payment: ID where DRG shift can occur, likely impact and ways to get back to neutral.
  8. Benefit: No expansion or reduction in benefits or out-of-pocket costs.
  9. Revenue: No significant increase or decrease in reimbursement.
  10. Clinical: Having approximately the same number of candidates in these programs that you have today.
  11. Operational: No negative trends in KPIs and servicing metrics, e.g., first pass, pend rate, etc.
  12. Financial: Cumulative effect of the variance in the previous neutrality dimensions.

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