Friday, February 17, 2012

Select Information from ICD-10 Summit - Part 3 of 4

The following information (Part 3 of 4) was from a tweet stream emanating from the Edifecs ICD-10 Summit held on February 15 & 16th. Find more information about that event here => click here

Results from Survey of ICD-10 Summit Participants
1.   Most attendees uncertain about whether ICD-10 will drive down healthcare costs for their organization.
2.   89% of attendees believe impact of delay on those on track wasn't adequately considered.
3.   No real support for the idea that delay will make implementation better.
4.   Defined Neutrality process for your org.? 33% say yes, 51% say no.
5.   Targeting Neutrality as a goal? 79% say yes, 15% don't know.
6.   Test data creation - some challenges, but respondents weren't overly concerned.
7.   Survey indicates that 40% of attendees will complete internal testing in Q1 2013. Suggests too late.
8.   85% of attendees believe ICD-10 granularity will better support quality efforts and improve outcomes.
9.   Nearly 60% of attendees have not looked at how they will prioritize their policy remediation work
10. Nearly 70% of attendees have not developed measures to evaluate the business impact of medical policies.
11. Who is sponsoring #ICD10 in your org. 52% report it's the CEO or COO. 
12. What are the people challenges - 55% say business/tech SMEs.
13. What technology challenges do you have? 39% say reporting & analytics.

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