Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to Help Others Get to Know You: Sharing Abilities and Disabilities

In part 1 of what will be a 3-part series on creating a “User Manual of Me,” I noted the value of helping others understand what makes you tick; starting off with the idea of outlining how you like to communicate. In this second part, I proffer some ideas about sharing information on your abilities and disabilities – what you like to do and what you don’t like to do. The idea of this "User Manual of Me" is to offer up information about yourself so that others may better know you and, theoretically, have more effective and efficient interactions with you. Theoretically... :) 

Share #2: My Abilities and Motivators

1. I Have the Ability To:

2. I’m Enthusiastic About:

3. I Make a Difference By:

4. What I Will Bend Over To Do:

5. Several Things I Like About My Job:

6. The Biggest Challenges I Face Every Day:

7. How to Help Me at Work:

8. How to Help Me at My Home:

Share #3: My Disabilities and Dislikes

1. What I Go to Great Lengths to Avoid:

2. Several Things I Don’t Like About My Job:

3. What I Will Not Tolerate:

4. One thing I could change about myself in 24 hrs if I could:

It’s not necessary to use all of the above items, anything you can share with others should only help others get to know you and understand you better.

What Else Can You Include in Your “User Manual of Me?”

In the next part of this topic, I’ll share additional ideas to help others get to know your likes, dislikes and a few things about your hobbies and extracurricular activities. In my final post I’ll share a template for creating you own “User Manual of Me.” 

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