Saturday, November 22, 2014

Social Media Recap of #OpsTech Forum in Phoenix Last Week – Part 1

Last week, AHIP had their OpsTech Forum here in Phoenix, AZ – very close to where I live. But since I wasn’t attending, information shared by conference attendees via Twitter was the next best thing to being there. True to what AHIP had stated would be key topics at the conference, the #OpsTech tweet stream contained some good info and insight into consumer engagement strategies, cost transparency, mobile and digital health and delivery system innovation. What follows are select tweets collected using the #OpsTech Hashtag; loosely organized as I interpreted each tweet. 

Note: I have largely omitted references to the originators and retweeters of the following tweets. While you can find all tweets containing the #OpsTech Hashtag here, I do want to extend a thanks to the following who went above and beyond with the #OpsTech tweets: @mandibpro, @ahipeducation, @marketmaverik, @softheon, @warrensmithd, @danmunro, @ciberinc, @cdlucero3, @bradcandell, @alrtechnologies


Finishing touches taking place at registration as we get ready to welcome hundreds to AHIP's .

Good morning from Camelback Mountain! Absolutely love this city. #Phoenix #Arizona, you're phenomenal.

It’s all about the Consumer

#Health plan member journey map at via @OptumNews. Is it linear? No. Meandering, iterative. See here.

Industry-defining pivot: the rise of #healthcare consumerism, via @WellPoint.

As an industry, our customer satisfaction scores are abysmal - we're barely above cable companies. - #health #payer #truth

Consumer centricity?: do consumers LIKE a lot of this new #tech, or do they find it creepy, invasion of #privacy?

"How to make the #healthcare consumer experience look like other industries?" Great question. Complex answer.

Gerardi @BlueCrossMN - Path forward: Optimize care management activities, utilize comparative effectiveness data.

Barker @minuteclinic: About half the patients who come in don’t have a PCP, so we provide them with info to help them find one.

Complexity science works: caring for psychosocial needs had highest positive impact on cardiac #patients outcomes.

Most people who don't have #health insurance who aren't signing up don't understand THE PROCESS.

Ignagni: We are actively partnering with providers, with regulators, and with consumers to create the health plan of tomorrow.

No longer what keeps you up @ night. What gets you up in the morning? What makes you more excited, creative & confidant than ever?

Consummate pro @SusanDentzer always writing & yes, pen/paper still faster 4 capturing thoughts in real time

Customers R treated so differently in every other industry there is no more #HC "exemption" 4 customer experience.

It's not simply access to information, but access to each other that is going to make healthcare better.

Growing population are mobile ONLY: #smartphone IS phone/computer/single point of access. #Healthcare must adapt.

What will replace P2P healthcare? Ability of indivs to feed info back into system--one to many! Says @SusannahFox

Interesting dynamic, 1 in 4 people were heads down on their phones during speech. Are we socializing and not listening?

How quickly we, in healthcare fail to realize how important "Dr. Google" is to patients! @susannahfox

New term for me: Internet-positive #patients = those who love Dr. Google, may trust online source more than #doctors.

Plan for serendipity. Plan for JIT someone-like-you. That can make all the difference. - @RWJF @SusannahFox

Savvy plans can also segregate members/customers by psychographics along w/ geographics.


In the next part, I'll share tweets on Approaching and Supporting the Consumer, Transparency and Pricing, and Telehealth, Remote Monitoring and Digital Health

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