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More Tweets from AHIP's #OpsTech Forum – Part 3

Downtown Phoenix, AZ with South Mountain 

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this multi-part series highlighting select tweets from the AHIP OpsTech Forum held in Phoenix, AZ on November 17th thru 19th, I highlighted tweets on healthcare consumers, consumerism, how health plans can support healthcare consumers, pricing transparency, telemedicine, and remote monitoring. In this 3rd Part, tweets on the topics of healthcare policy, patient engagement, pharmacy, and innovation are presented.


Ofman argues that b/c most other countries come from a single-payer system, their policy solutions may not be our policy solutions.

Pearson thinks if we keep seeing Sovaldi-like situations, it will create a demand for change. @ICER_review

Ofman counters, saying if you look at pricing from 2- to 5-year window you may see a much bigger problem than a 10-20 year window.

The work of making deep-seated, meaningful change; that's the work of our lifetime. It's why you're all here. @FastCompany founder

3 industry revolutions that have already changed #healthcare landscape. - @RWJF @SusannahFox http://t.co/lGpgvOv0YH

Patient Engagement

1) Identify what matters most, 2) Measure intent, 3) FOCUS on what's most crucial - how @WellPoint strives for engagement.

Continuous #health engagement: traditional participants in this industry need to partner/adapt. @KPShare http://t.co/DdRZP7fYw7

Good retail orgs have figured out how to extract $ in meaningful, positive consumer engagements. #Healthcare has NOT.

"Delicate balance of engaging and delivering clinical needs depends on creating trust and shared goals"

David Schulte of KP Ventures at : http://t.co/tladRQ7IH0 meets patients where and when they are ready to engage."

Training #HCPs to engage w/ #patients remotely proves challenge to wide #telemedicine adoption. As challenging as reimbursement?

Results of #telemedicine #patientengagement 6M pilot: 0 ED visits, 0 urgent care, LOTS of engagement action. http://t.co/2TcsS3dldL

Over time, #diabetes #patients adapt, engage, take control w/ #mhealth support. Goal: self-manage. http://t.co/HSyYEyJrRi

B/w 2005-2014, #socialmedia engagement grew from 8%-74% population. #Healthcare, you listening? @SusannahFox http://t.co/960It97zHF

90% have Internet, 60% have #smartphone, 75% use #socialmedia @RWJF powerhouses discuss future of engagement http://t.co/HbSGJc9gq5

Tools ARE sexy (think #health #gamification), but tools alone are not going to engage & retain a member. Tools must provide value.

Healthplans and Payers

Who's @ crux of challenges in #healthcare industry? They think it's us (#health #payer). Most #patients don't see us as advocates.

Ignagni on provider partnerships: We see an individual in every encounter; this data can be used to empower PCPs to improve care.

Ignagni: Health plan-provider partnership is the secret to sustainable, affordable care - See more at: http://t.co/Dvkp735a0G


Sovaldi looks like it will haunt payors in years to come

Pearson @ICER_review: Soon we’ll have one-time drugs w/a lifetime benefit; the idea of value & managing affordability is important.

Pearson @ICER_review: Even with “cost-effectiveness,” the budget impact could still be a big issue when multiplied.

Pearson @ICER_review says some policy options include changing IP rules, changing financing mechanisms, lowering the price.

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation
Focus on bending cost curve through innovation. They seem to get it. Others too focused on buzz.

With rapid tech advances, health plans will continue to embrace their role as data innovators. http://t.co/jXWW3myWLM

3 perspectives : payor, pharma, policy to explore 'balancing innovation N affordability'

Ofman: Identify low-value care so there’s room to pay for innovation. @Amgen

Gerardi @BlueCrossMN: The costs of drugs is payment innovation, payer-provider partnership discussions.

My2c: #Digital can unlock innovation in #healthcare but challenge is #inclusivity: accessible, affordable, acceptable to all

#Innovation is the act of using what you already know to get past what you THINK. - @FastCompany founder paraphrasing mentor

You can't let what you know limit what you can imagine. - @FastCompany founder on #healthcare #innovation

The opportune place for #innovation in #healthcare is in customer experience. (Think we all agree, lacking!)- @FastCompany founder

Most exciting #innovation in #healthcare: capturing / amplifying / understanding C2C conversation. -@SusannahFox http://t.co/pJloOTz5Vp

The most exciting #innovation in #healthcare is people talking to each other via internet, mobile, social - @SusannahFox

Accelerating #healthcare #innovation: align care delivery, engage w/ consumers, modernize infrastructure. http://t.co/JGc1fXYBuB

How Many More Parts?

I think I have two more; tweets from the OpsTech conference containing quotes from presenters, various interesting statistics, and some tweets pointing to good reads and reference materials.

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