Sunday, November 23, 2014

Select Tweets from AHIP's #OpsTech Forum – Part 2

In Part 1 of this multi-part series highlighting select tweets from the AHIP OpsTech Forum held in Phoenix, AZ on November 17th thru 19th, I highlighted tweets on healthcare consumers and consumerism. This second part presents select tweets on the topics of approaching and supporting healthcare consumers, pricing transparency, and telemedicine, remote monitoring and digital health. 
Note: Special thanks to all contributors. See Part 1 for disclaimer.

Approaching and Supporting Healthcare Consumers

Be very discerning and specific about what matters to consumers, and FOCUS on delivering THOSE solutions. @WellPoint

Schneider: Our responsibility is to be very specific about what problems we’re solving for the consumer, and what tech to apply

Schneider @WellPoint "#healthcare consumers don't always know what they need, we need to make strategic bets"

"Jury's out on what exactly consumers want." - @IBX Disagree. Think issue lack of recognition of individual needs, preferences.

Hear "we need to sell TO". MY belief: offer solutions so compelling that consumers "sell" themselves, & sell YOU on new ideas.

#HIX product differentiation: when many elements of plan design mandated, creativity needed. @warrensmithd

Ignagni: The role of health plans is to support consumers by helping them navigate though a complex delivery system.

Customers crave any signal you send that you share the human experience. #Truth from @FastCompany founder

Open #health #data funnel. Give consumers more info, not less. Then reverse the flow: experts should listen.

What if we customized #health plan consumer experience by life stage, rather than just #chronicdisease or condition? - @SusannahFox

Savvy plans can also segregate members/customers by psychographics along w/ geographics. 

It's a familiar story: #patients want #data access, they request access, but still very hard to GIVE them access. #interoperability

Transparency and Pricing

Natalie Schneider @WellPoint "#healthcare transparency: consumers want to see hospital, price, quality info online"

#Healthcare cost transparency - @WellPoint studied $ info requests, found consumers seek this data primarily to find/eval #HCPs.

Hitting the Target: Bring down price increases, improve safety and effectiveness, reduce variation, root out fraud, increase value.

Can't have affordable coverage w/out affordable prices. Same #health plans, same benefits, very different pricing. Unsustainable.

Telehealth, Remote Monitoring and Digital Health

Laser focus on "what matters most" for @WellPoint consumers: remote monitoring, telemedicine, transparency solutions.

Consumers seem more receptive to #digitalhealth solutions when introduced by #HCP, not #health #payer. - @IBX on adoption

Schulte: There’s a latent demand among family caregivers to be able to leverage remote monitoring, other complementary mobile tech.

CMS now reimbursing for remote chronic care management. Learn more at the ALbooth #115 at AHIP

"Telehealth, it's all about the data" #TeleDoc CMO

Complexity of #HIX, via #wordle. - @warrensmithd @hcentive

Comment: Is anyone surprised that "834 Daily Membership File Error Reporting" is a complex and frequent topic?

Weekly #telemedicine, real-time glucose/BP alerts to care team, #diabetes #patients hub. BYOD next frontier.

What's Next?

In the next 2 or 3 parts, I’ll share select tweets from the OpsTech conference on healthcare policy, patient engagement, healthplans and payers, pharmaceuticals, innovation, miscellaneous statistics, and some interesting reads and reference materials.

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