Monday, November 10, 2014

Want to Help Others Get to Know You? Create a “User Manual of Me”

(Aka: How to be clear about the things you like and the things you don’t like. A manual for interacting with you.)

Everyone has “preferences.” Some preferences are simple and easy to understand. Some preferences are more subtle and complex. Some preferences are quirks that may change over time – or even within the course of a day or month or year. Why not make it easy for others to understand what makes you tick?

Identifying these preferences and proactively informing your colleagues can help make you – and those you interact with – happier and more productive in your mutual relationship.

How Can You Help Others Understand What Makes You Tick?

If you create a “User Manual of Me,” you’re making a Giant Step toward helping others – those close to you and maybe not so close to you - understand what makes you tick in a positive way; how you relate to people most productively.

Share #1: How to Communicate and When

1. Preferred Method of Communication:

How do you like to be contacted? How do you like to contact others? How might any contact method vary by time of day, type of message or urgency?

2. Best Time of Day to Approach Me:

Are you the quintessential morning person or evening person? Is there a best time for someone to contact you? What’s the worst time of day for someone to approach you?

The above are two preferences most all people have that they can share with others to improve the way others interact with them.

Next Post

In following posts on the idea of a "User Manual of Me," , I’ll share additional ideas about helping others understand how you tick at a deeper level. In my final post on this idea, I’ll share a template for creating you own “User Manual of Me.”

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