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Quotes and Facts from AHIP #OpsTech Conference in Phoenix

Last part! Parts 1, 2 & 3 highlighted select tweets covering a range of topics emanating from the AHIP OpsTech Forum held in Phoenix, AZ on November 17th through the 19th. In this final part, tweets sharing quotes and facts from speaker presentations are listed.

Note: See Part 1 for disclaimer about sources of these tweets.

Quotes, Quotes and More Quotes

As #health plans, we must earn RIGHT to introduce #digitalhealth solutions (to not be "creepy"), by meeting BASIC needs.

If you think of ALL things that touch #health, #payer #HCP involved in fraction of each event. Social care matters for total health

Schulte on where to focus investment: We’re looking for things that are pioneering rather than incremental.

I wanted to learn about healthcare technology, not buy someone else's technology. Sneaky vendors everywhere!

@GeisingerHealth's Steve Strongwater likens the fee-for-service system to an addiction, says it's tough to break.

Ignagni: We need to be able to give people data and information in real-time to help them make decisions about their health.

Triple-weighted STARS question: are you feeling better this year, than last? Complex answer: socioeconomic impacts #health.

Ignagni: We can’t have affordable coverage without affordable prices going into the premium dollar.

Ignagni: We can’t put our head in the sand or hand out a blank check if we are going to meet the goal of sustainability.

Willliam Taylor (@practicallyrad): You can’t be content with doing things a little bit better or a little bit differently.

Taylor: Ask yourself, "What are the ideas that define how we do business & distinguish us from how everyone else does business?"

The only sustainable form of business leadership is thought leadership. B. Nordmark

Taylor reiterates that you can’t let what you know limit what you can imagine.

We have a #diabetes problem? Who knew? - Avery & Catholic #Health Initiatives @ #OpsTech

@SusannahFox: It's not simply access to information, but access to each other that is going to make healthcare better.

Almost every other sector has been greatly impacted by the Internet. Except, perhaps, healthcare!

Don't be futurists. Be nowists. Harness tech trends to bend the curve on chronic disease and #healthcare costs - @susannahfox

Statistics and Facts (Trust but verify!)

Breadcrumb: >80% of #healthplans expecting membership growth, much stronger confidence than last year. More data soon!

Invest 90-95% in simple, incremental improvements in fundamentals (access, delivery), 5% on game-changing. - @WellPoint

FEB '14 @RAND @HealthAffairs study 300K @Teladoc participants affirmed: 94% single-contact resolution rate (as to only 80% post-ED)

Data quality costs the healthcare organizations an estimated 8.2 million dollars, annually! #datagovernance

U.S. Annual Healthcare Spending Is A Stunning $3.4 Trillion, Says Study via @forbes

Diabetes patients with complications cost health plans $20,700 annually per member.

Close to 1/3 Americans don't have bank accounts, rely on manual check processing. Challenge.

Ignagni: "We can't have a healthcare system that's 50% higher in cost than other countries."

Yet somehow we do. @danmunro: Ignagni: "We can't have a healthcare system that's 50% higher in cost than other countries.

"75% of people who have #HC insurance worry that #HC costs will jeopardize their future retirement

Schneider on transparency: 70% of consumers are saying they want to see hospital prices and quality data online @WellPoint

Gerardi @BlueCrossMN: At current trajectory, specialty drugs would account for 35% of total medical spend in 5 years.

Dr Gerardi warns that drug costs may become 35% Healthcare costs in 5 years

46% employers plan to have #telemedicine benefit in place by end of 2014. - Stat from @Teladoc

95% consumers prefer phone consult to video. Surprising, w/ #smartphone capabilities/availability? "Give consumers what THEY want!"

Interesting tidbit for morning: Avery Telehealth guarantees a 30% reduction in re-admissions for their #mHealth solution clients.

Reading and Reference Matter

Planning on attending the session on #consumer trust and transparency? Read this before you go.

Digital Therapeutics: New Category of Medicine Being Pioneered by Omada Health

Good resource: "Ignagni: Changing the Game to Deliver a 21st Century Health System for Patients”

Health Care Value In Three Simple Words: Affordability. Stability. Quality.

@AHIPEducation #OpsTech is being archived here, have a look:

All the data and research I'm about to share at #OpsTech is freely available at and

Great story (via @SusannahFox) on info taking 200 yrs to get citrus included in sailors' diet to prevent scurvy

@AccoladeInc Thank you! Just posted one of the "fairy tales" I shared at #OpsTech -

One or Two In Every Crowd

Don a mustache for charity and take a knowledge challenge at the @edifecs booth. #OpsTech

Thinking neon sneaks have become my fave statement accessory. They've certainly been a conversation piece! #OpsTech

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